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Exiled is a guild in Rift on the Stonecrest PvP shard. We are a casual Mixed PvE / PvP Guild with focused groups for PvE. What might that mean? We don't make people do things they don't want to, yet, if we get enough raiders or enough PvP people we will be able to Start those groups up and progress.

Yet don't get mislead by that fact. We are great players and strive to become as good as we can. We also really try to keep a close community with the guild through large use of Vent and grouping up with each other. (Always ask your guild members to do something if you have an open spot or starting up a group!)

Rules we have;

1. We do have rules just like any other guild. We don't run by DKP first off. It becomes too stressful on members I feel. They system will be a one need per raid situation. Yet if you are the only one who can need on the item, you may have it as well. 

2. Be thoughtful and kind to others in and out of guild. Don't give us a bad reputation, make us look good where ever you might be. If problems do arise with members, please seek out on officer to help with the situation! We will try to help you settle the dispute before it becomes a huge drama thing. 

3. If raid spots are confirmed, anyone can have the spot that they were confirmed for. Yet, in certain situations, people are unable to make it to a raid, and we need a fill in. Guild fill ins are based by your guild rank. I know some people find this strange, but you gain rank by proving you are a good, loyal, and competent guild member. We don't play favorites with it all. Don't worry. We've used this method in the past on several occasions and it works great.

There are more, but those are the main ones. Thank you for reading and hope to see you in game soon.

Guild News

Raid times!

Xelray, Apr 12, 11 3:48 PM.
Raid days are Wed, Sun, Mon, and Tue. Invites are currently starting at 7:30PM Server (-8GMT) and Raid starts at 8PM Server. We would love to have people stay until 11PM, yet we do understand it is late for some.

We have Vent!

Xelray, Feb 24, 11 12:17 PM.
Give it some exercise, and also meet some of your new guild members! I'll be on all day so feel free to jump on. Lets hear from all of you! (Need the vent info? Check the members discussion in the forums!)

We will need members!

Xelray, Feb 21, 11 2:51 AM.
Once headstart kicks ups. I will want to just increase our numbers while keeping a small leading group of officers and high members. That way we can easily do guild quests and find groups for things. While also learning how good our members are! So invite, invite, invite when that time comes.  We can always weed out later.
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Currently, Exiled is looking for Members in T2 to Raid gear. Along with this, those recruited should be part of our community and not only attend raids and T2s! We need to get the guild quests done and everyone else geared too!
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